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medicare has problems

Growing size of the market:​​

  • About 61.2M individuals on Medicare

  • Someone turns 65 every 7 seconds

  • By 2025, 1 of 5 Americans will be 65+

  • Couples reaching age 65 in "relatively" good health...50% chance that one of them will live to be 94

Size of the Illinois Market:

  • 1.907M Medicare Beneficiaries (1.1M in Metro Chicago alone)

  • 420 People turn 65 each day (212 in metro Chicago)

  • 29% of the population enrolled in a Supplement

  • 15% of the population enrolled in a Advantage

Product itself creates opportunity:

  • It's confusing as hell - risk of bad or no decision

  • People need to have it - penalties, health issues

  • People want to have it - worried about health

You are the best solution in the marketplace:

 For part-time advisors :

  • Easier to find willing prospects 

  • Easier to cross-sell to your bread & butter

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