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February 13, 2017.  Centric Insurance Advisors LLC is pleased to announce a new collaboration with MCUSA to assist Medicare-eligible patients and employees in the Presence Health System.  With the introduction of the Presence Medicare Help Line, patients need only call to receive the help they need to navigate the complexities of Medicare and Medicare insurance.  Centric Insurance Advisors LLC (CIALLC) is the managing agency for the Illinois market.

"We can now provide comprehensive, personal assistance to all patients who request service through the Presence Medicare Help Line", said Mark Mabaquiao, Founder of CIALLC.  "While Presence would prefer enrollment in a plan they accept, we understand that not every plan is the right choice for every patient.  Our job is to help each Medicare enrollee acquire the plan that ideally suits their specific needs."

Centric Insurance Advisors LLC is a Chicagoland Medicare insurance brokerage representing top plans available in Illinois.  CIALLC advisors help patients make the best choice with an in-depth review of the individual's needs and all the Medicare insurance options available.  The service is entirely free.

"CIALLC advisors are available by personal appointment at your home or convenient locations in your area", said Mark.  "We are also happy to answer basic questions right over the phone.  Everyone on our team is committed to providing exemplary, personal service."

You can contact Centric Insurance Advisors LLC directly for free Medicare information and assistance.  They can be reached from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday at 847.780.6028.